BrainDance: 8 Simple Moves to Boost Your Brainpower and Create Mind-Body Connection


Teacher:  Susan Sinclair
Wednesday, March 19th 7-9pm
To register call 847-486-8000, or email

What if 8 simple movements could help your brain and body to operate at full potential, and even rewire your nervous system after trauma or illness? The BrainDance, developed by renowned dance educator Anne Green Gilbert, helps reconnect brain and body through the fundamental movement patterns all infants move through in their first year of life. Rediscover these simple patterns and feel their benefits immediately in this easy, fun, relaxed class that will leave you calm, alert, focused, and realigned in body and mind.

“Top 10 Reasons to Do the BrainDance”

10. Boosts brain oxygen better and longer than the classic yawn.
9. Creates a caffeine-free, jitter-free increase in alertness and focus.
8. Easy to do anywhere: home, office, or school.
7. Reduces stress and anxiety.
6. Wakes you up AND calms you down—at the same time.
5. Reorganizes the brain and centers the body.
4. Builds strength, balance, and coordination—without a gym or yoga studio.
3. Beats blues and blahs in five minutes flat.
2. Improves test scores and memory function.
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Susan Sinclair is a Usui and Imara Reiki Master, an ordained interfaith minister, a Sound Healer, and a trained Spiritual Intuitive healer. Reading and interpreting the energetic boundaries is the foundation for her profound healing work to clear her clients of spiritual interference so they can thrive in work, health, and relationships. Susan is also a former faculty member of the Creative Dance studio in Seattle, Washington, where she learned the BrainDance sequence from its creator, master dance educator Anne Green Gilbert. Susan calls the BrainDance “the perfect mind-body-spirit movement break” and uses it throughout her busy day to stay focused, coordinated, and balanced.