Hope Black, Animal Communicator & Reiki Master

For as long as Hope can remember, she has had a deep connection, love and respect for all animals. She found comfort, joy, and peace when she was with them.  As a very young girl she was aware of her ability to hear the animals she came in contact with.  She received their messages through mental pictures, emotions, feelings, and words. She always felt her connection came from her heart not from her head.  She continues to incorporate this heart connection as she connects with her four legged clients today.

Her family and friends knew there was something special about the way animals reacted when they were with Hope.  Whether the animals were shy, fearful or even aggressive, they seemed to be transformed when they were with her.

In 1998 she was able fulfill her dream and purchased a 23 stall riding facility.  She began working with horses that had been physically and mentally abused.  With love, respect and the ability to hear them she began to earn their trust and transform their lives.  She continues to work with humans and their animal companions to help them achieve a happier and healthier life together. She is honored to be able to share the great wisdom and insight our animals are here to teach us.

Hope is a Reiki Master Teacher in the traditional Usui System of Natural Healing (lineage of William Lee Rand) and has practiced and taught Reiki for both people and animals for more than a decade. She and dear friend Tammy Lavitt owned Reiki Center of Highland Park. They incorporated a “Heart Centered” approach to Reiki to help their clients achieve harmony, balance and joy in their lives. Hope has studied a wide range of energy-based practices such as Quantum Touch and The Life Line Technique with Dr. Darren Weissman. She had the privilege to study with the noted Healer and Spiritual Teacher, Ron Roth. Hope has been in service to and assisted the gifted International Healer Caterina Pellegrino, known as the “Lady of Light.” She has taken classes to enhance her psychic abilities with Internationally Acclaimed Psychic Medium and Intuitive Counselor, Colette Baron-Reid. Hope is a gifted Animal Intuitive. She has taken formal Animal Communication training to enhance and expand her natural talents with animal communicator Carol Schultz, owner of Animal Spirit Network.

Hope is dedicated to helping her clients find a place of peace, clarity and knowledge, as they face life’s daily challenges. She offers both Reiki and Animal Reiki classes throughout the year and believes that when we learn Reiki for ourselves and to help others this empowers us to reach our highest potential.